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We have one only of these fantastic machines. Its stunning condition is testament to Groen’s build quality and the previous owners care. Featuring a steaming cabinet capable of taking 5 x 1/1 gastro trays each. Steam is injected into each cabinet setting up a vortex cyclone encasing the contents in a uniform steam cloud. Food cooks uniformly, healthily and very quickly.

60 minute timer

Easy to use controls. Simply set the time and the machine does everything automatically when the door is closed. 

3 Phase 15.4kW supply required.

W55cm x D78cm x H57cm

  • 50 Boiled Eggs hard boiled in 4 minutes.
  • 40 Supremes of Salmon steamed in 4 minutes.
  • 8lb’s of frozen peas cooked in 2 minutes
  • 8lb’s of sliced fresh carrots in 4 minutes.
  • A 1/1 gastro tray of Rice cooked to perfection in 7 minutes

We recommend a swift interest as these are very rare to the second hand market