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We have one only of these fantastic machines. Its stunning condition is testament to Groens build quality and the previous owners care. Featuring 2 gastro cabinets capable of taking 5 x 1/1 gastro trays each. Steam is injected into each cabinet setting up a vortex cyclone encasing the contents in a uniform steam cloud. Food cooks uniformly, healthily and very quickly.

Natural Gas 44kW supply required.

W55cm x D90cm x H155cm

  • 50 Boiled Eggs hard boiled in 4 minutes.
  • 40 Supremes of Salmon steamed in 4 minutes.
  • 8lb’s of frozen peas cooked in 2 minutes
  • 8lb’s of sliced fresh carrots in 4 minutes.
  • A 1/1 gastro tray of Rice cooked to perfection in 7 minutes

We recommend a swift interest as these are very rare to the second hand market 

CLEARANCE ITEM. Sold working and tested – No Warranty





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