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The large product holder is ideal for large and heavy meat joints with auto carriage making slicing very simple, and because the carriage stroke length can be adjusted to suit the product size, it is possible to operate at approaching one slice per second. 
Additional advantages
Cleaning: removable aluminium blade cover, carriage plate, end-grip and revolving slice deflector
Sharpener: integrated, it runs automatically for a perfect sharpening and honing, provided with  a movable protection that covers the blade also in off position, Easy removable grinding stone, to make cleaning easier
Safety facilities: fixed blade ring guard, removable product holder only when the slice thickness control is set on 0 position, the carriage plate returns automatically back in operator’s position when the machine is switched off
Manufactured according to EN1974 standards
  • Gear driven  350mm (14 inch) blade (with blade removal tool)
  • Powerful single phase motor
  • Full CE compliance
  • No volt release switching
  • Full blade guarding, even during sharpening
  • Quality anodised alloy construction
  • Accurate thickness adjustment up to 15mm
  • Carriage removes for cleaning.
  • Thickness, and carriage locking during cleaning