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Other Services


Selling your catering equipment
Here at Caterquip, we are always interested in purchasing quality catering equipment. If you’re upgrading your existing commercial kitchen or closing down, why not get in touch with us?

Buying from corporate businesses
If you’re looking for a professional, reliable company to remove your existing kitchen equipment, we can help. With over seventeen years of experience in the industry, Caterquip have assisted numerous businesses with the removal and upgrade of staff canteens and commercial kitchens.

We offer a safe and swift removal service, and produce risk assessments and method statements in order to ensure that all equipment is removed safely. Caterquip is ISO: 9001:2008 certified, and implement a strong in-house quality management system.

To date, we have remove equipment from offices, factories, hotels, prisons, schools, hospitals, department stores, clubs, and many other establishments. Call us today to discuss your requirements. 

Buying from independent caterers
When your independent catering business is closing or you need to sell equipment quickly, it can be a challenge to deal with dozens of individual dealers or sell your stock one piece at a time. 

With our reliable removal service, we can purchase your equipment in bulk, ensuring that you receive a fair price and a speedy removal. We understand that a business closure can be a  difficult time for all involved, and our removal team handle all removals sensitively and swiftly.

Email us for a quote
If you would like a quote for your current catering equipment, please email us photographs of the equipment. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a valuation.Send your photographs to: buying@caterquip.co.uk


Reconditioning of your exisitng equipment
When your catering equipment has finally seen better days, you would be forgiven for thinking that the only reasonable place for it is the dump. However, over the last twenty years, the Caterquip Group have been reconditioning tired catering equipment to extend operational lifecycles, and provide renewed leases of life. Read on to find out more about our reconditioning service.

How the process works
When any commercial catering equipment needs replacing due to reduced performance or a breakdown, Caterquip can collect your equipment from anywhere in the UK and provide a temporary replacement where possible.

The equipment is taken to our ISO accredited specialist reconditioning facility where our qualified team of experienced engineers and technicians will run a full diagnostic analysis on every component. Faulty components will be replaced, as well as any additional parts that we anticipate failing in the near future.

The equipment is then deep cleaned and fully tested, and when we are 100% satisfied with the repairs and enhanced performance will we deliver the equipment back to you. Any equipment deemed unsafe or uneconomical will be disposed of safely by Caterquip.

Our reconditioning costs
Our reconditioning service is an affordable alternative to brand new replacement costs. While our prices will vary depending on the equipment and how much work is required, all costs will be discussed in depth before any work is undertaken. We firmly believe in offering affordable solutions, and guarantee our customers that there will be no hidden costs or unexpected fees.

The Caterquip Customer Equipment Bank
Caterquip can also offer the use of their customer equipment bank, which provides storage facilities for newly reconditioned equipment. Customers typically need additional storage for equipment which will be used at new, or future sites. Alternatively customers may benefit from temporary storage during periods of transition or equipment turnover.

About Caterquip Commercial Partners
Having worked with a wide range of clients over the last twenty years, from the smallest of tea rooms to large multi-site organisations, we can cater for all of your commercial catering needs.

With our dedicated team of on-site account managers, engineers, technicians, cleaning specialists, and a fleet of delivery vehicles, we promise our customers that they are in safe hands, so if you are part of a group or chain and would like to talk about a bespoke service to bring some of your equipment back to life, please contact us.

Caterquip Commercial Partners is a division of Peterborough based Caterquip UK LTD Group of Companies, the largest and market leading reconditioned catering equipment and supplies company in the UK.

Take a look at our Customer Projects Page for recent reconditioned equipment projects.

Contact us on 01733 286000.