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Walk in Cold Rooms and Freezers

A tricky Walk In Fridge project - Done!

Our client needed a walk in fridge, simple yes? The challnge he had is his operation is in a classic London railway arch with a curved roof! He had been quoted silly money for new and had to press suppliers to even take on a curved roof walk in chiller!. He then approached Caterquip who relish in this type of project.

Upon site survey, we reaslised the engineering was simple and instead of proposing a mountain out of a molehill solution, we designed and built a bspoke cold room spanning 2 rooms, with doors each end, on time, great build quality and on budget, saving in excess of £7k against new


We simply tailored 100mm walk in panels and accurately cut to hug the contours of the arched roof. As each panel was erected, we insulated the void with expanding foam. Our install team used posts to hold whilst the fixings and adhesives knitted


The room takes shape with door frames in position. Whilst the work space was cramped, the build itself was straight forward.


Next the installation of the monoblock compressor, internal and external skirting & joint seals and the final presentation. The client was delighted and enabled him to expand his operation and acquire new business. 




BESPOKE WALK IN FRIDGE AND FREEZER SOLUTIONS. Call Caterquip on 01733 286000 - option 1 Sales. 

Budget friendly, well constructed cold rooms for every space and operation.