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Electrolux SpeeDelight.2
ELECTROLUX Speedelight Single High Speed Grill – Heavy Duty
ELECTROLUX Speedelight Single High Speed Grill – Heavy Duty
Electrolux SpeeDelight.2
ELECTROLUX Speedelight Single High Speed Grill – Heavy Duty
ELECTROLUX Speedelight Single High Speed Grill – Heavy Duty


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Designed for a busy operation where panini or toasted sandwiches are a prominent menu item. Digital control for ultimate and consistent results. Easy to use and clean. This is not an entry level clamp grill and costs nearly £6000.00 + VAT new from Nisbets!.

Capable of toasting a sandwich in under a minute, this adjustable unit includes eight programmable cooking and reheating modes that can be accessed through an LED touchscreen display.

No ventilation is required, meaning placement is almost limitless, which makes this ideal for front-of-house areas where customers want ultra quick, no-nonsense food.

This adjustable model allows for Teflon plate removal and replacement, giving you control as to the look your cooked food, whilst also making it even easier to clean and maintain.

  • PX4 water resistance certification
  • Combines 3 cooking technologies: contact, infrared radiation and microwaves to provide perfectly cooked food, heated right to the core
  • Self-adjusting upper plate heats food whilst adjusting automatically to thickness
  • Energy saving mode switches to standby after an amount of time pre-programmed by operator
  • Wi-Fi and USB port connection helps optimise and streamline workflow and cooking plans
  • Easy-to-use 4.3″ LED display for precise controls
  • Countdown display and buzzer with adjustable volume – perfect for busy cafes
  • 8 distinct programmable cooking modes – includes top/bottom plate temp/duration/distribution and more
  • Ergonomic handle for easy lid movement
  • 2 temperature probes for independent upper and lower plate regulation
  • External dimensions (mm): 630h x 361w x 675d
  • Cooking surface area: 250mm x 250mm
  • Included Accessories: Brush, spatula, scraper and degreasing liquid
  • Weight: 49.3 kg
  •  Single Phase power 5kW required



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We were thrilled with the quality of the installation and the exceptional service we received from the Caterquip team. They managed the project efficiently from the design process to right through to the installation of the equipment, and delivered the project within the appointed timescale and budget.

Caterquip fully understood our requirements in terms of our catering operation, and communicated clearly at every step. The kitchen design was expertly planned, with careful consideration given to each area. The space was transformed into a fully-functional kitchen which would allow our kitchen staff to work with ease.

We saved thousands of pounds by using Caterquip's services, and are still delighted with our kitchen. The pre-owned equipment supplied was not only cost-effective but in excellent condition and able to perform well under the strains of a busy commercial kitchen. We will certainly use Caterquip's services again in future.

Richard Redmond - Royalblue Executive Services 2013