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IMC Waste Station

£7,250.00 + VAT

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The IMC WasteStation is a truly innovative solution for directly tackling the food waste problem. Food waste isn’t just costly for the environment – it’s also expensive to transport, store and process – the waste station drastically reduces these issues in one compact and effective unit.

By grinding food waste into fine particles and then spinning it at high speeds, water is removed, meaning the overall volume and mass of the food is significantly reduced (up to 80% lower volume). Once processed, the dry flakes are deposited into a small collection bin, which can then be used for onward processing. Typical onward processes include in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestion or production of compressed pellets for biofuels.

Once it’s finished its work for the day, the Waste Station has a user-friendly self-cleaning programme which ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Please note: this product is made to order and is therefore non-refundable.

Product features

  • Dimensions 900(H) x 1000(W) x 700(D)mm
  • 3 Phase 4.1kW  – Voltage 380-415V
  • Weight 192kg
  • Self rinse system – undertakes a rinse cycle after each load to prevent any build up of food
  • Fully enclosed system – prevents food entering critical internal components, keeping the machine clean, free of waste and reducing noise
  • Self cleaning cycle ensures the whole system is free of food and grease, vastly reducing maintenance times
  • Simple LED display allows easy monitoring even in noisy kitchens
  • Intelligent electronic sensor detects when waste bin is full


We were thrilled with the quality of the installation and the exceptional service we received from the Caterquip team. They managed the project efficiently from the design process to right through to the installation of the equipment, and delivered the project within the appointed timescale and budget.

Caterquip fully understood our requirements in terms of our catering operation, and communicated clearly at every step. The kitchen design was expertly planned, with careful consideration given to each area. The space was transformed into a fully-functional kitchen which would allow our kitchen staff to work with ease.

We saved thousands of pounds by using Caterquip's services, and are still delighted with our kitchen. The pre-owned equipment supplied was not only cost-effective but in excellent condition and able to perform well under the strains of a busy commercial kitchen. We will certainly use Caterquip's services again in future.

Richard Redmond - Royalblue Executive Services 2013