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Optimum power and total controllability
With PizzaMaster® ovens, you have all the power you need and total control
thanks to stepless, independent electronic controls for oven temperature,
top, bottom and frontal heat. This allows you to set the oven to give exactly
the results you want. There is also a turbo-start function to heat up the oven
quickly and a double alarm-clock-timer that lets you set the time either
manually per bake or automatically for all bakes, at the press of a button.
Dual anti-glare halogen lighting

To facilitate inspection, loading and unloading, there is not just one but two
flush-fitted halogen lamps at the front of each oven chamber. This unique
feature gives perfect, glare-free visibility and eliminates the risk of having to
work with a dark oven if one lamp fails.
High, uniform heating capacity
Every PizzaMaster® oven has a very high heat output for its size and the
heat is distributed absolutely evenly in the oven. This has been achieved
through advanced computer simulations and comprehensive testing of
both the output and location of the elements. But high heat output does
not mean that PizzaMaster® ovens consume more energy than other ovens
at the same workload. What it does mean is that a PizzaMaster® oven can
be loaded much more intensively than other ovens without prolonging individual
baking times. To compensate for frequent door opening during busy periods,
extra elements have been placed just behind the oven door. This guarantees
both greater uniformity and quicker temperature recovery.
Robust door with big window and ergonomic handles
Every PizzaMaster® oven has a robustly engineered door with oversize
bearings that guarantee many years of trouble-free service. With the aid of
ergonomic handles, the door opens and closes very smoothly and easily. A
large, heat-reflecting window gives excellent visibility with minimal heat loss.
Hearth of natural material, with crisping function
The special, baked-clay hearth is of optimum porosity to accumulate just
the right amount of heat, which is distributed through the stone absolutely
evenly. This, together with optimized elements, gives high efficiency and
exceptionally quick temperature recovery. The surface of the hearth is
furthermore specially textured to induce an airflow around the pizza. This
gives an exquisite crispiness to all kinds of pizza baked directly on the
hearth. It also minimizes the risk of burning the bottom of the pizza.
Since the PizzaMaster® hearth is highly resistant to cracking, it also lasts
much longer than other types of hearth.

W148cm x D95cm x H178cm

3 Phase 28.8kW

We were thrilled with the quality of the installation and the exceptional service we received from the Caterquip team. They managed the project efficiently from the design process to right through to the installation of the equipment, and delivered the project within the appointed timescale and budget.

Caterquip fully understood our requirements in terms of our catering operation, and communicated clearly at every step. The kitchen design was expertly planned, with careful consideration given to each area. The space was transformed into a fully-functional kitchen which would allow our kitchen staff to work with ease.

We saved thousands of pounds by using Caterquip's services, and are still delighted with our kitchen. The pre-owned equipment supplied was not only cost-effective but in excellent condition and able to perform well under the strains of a busy commercial kitchen. We will certainly use Caterquip's services again in future.

Richard Redmond - Royalblue Executive Services 2013

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