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The Benefits To You

The Benefits To You

The Benefits of buying second hand catering equipment

Whether you’re a new business or opening the next branch of your hotel, working out the finances is usually one of the most important and crucial tasks. Tight budgets can often mean compromising when it comes to your kitchen needs. However, you don’t have to compromise or empty your bank account to afford equipment from the big names: you can buy second hand.

Having worked with a number of establishments such as schools and colleges, hotels and pubs, and even hospitals, we know how to help businesses save money when it comes to purchasing catering equipment. We procure a vast quantity of second hand and ‘B Grade’ products which include brands such as Electrolux, Hobart, Winterhalter, and Falcon to name a few.

Tricks of the trade
With many businesses now choosing to kit out their kitchens and upgrade appliances using second hand equipment, let’s take a look at what buying second hand can mean to your commercial kitchen.

– Budgets will go that much further when buying second hand and reconditioned equipment. Here at Caterquip, we estimate that our second hand catering equipment is up to 60% cheaper than when bought brand new.

– As well as maximising budgets, buying second hand will enable establishments to purchase those big brand names which may not have been affordable brand new. Caterquip procure a number of B Grade appliances too, which are brand new, unused pieces returned to the manufacturer due to cancelled orders, minor delivery damages, and defaulted payments.

– Buying from a reputable second hand supplier like Caterquip will eliminate any concerns you may have had surrounding the quality of your equipment if you were purchasing it through auction sites such as Ebay. We can guarantee that our appliances are cleaned and tested, and also offer warranties for parts and labour.
If you’re seeking industry advice for a new business, or are looking to upgrade or refit your existing commercial kitchen, we can provide solutions to best fit your budget. Give us a call on 01733 286 000.