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Caterquip’s Learning Centre

We have created this Learning Centre to give customers access to helpful and important information about selecting, buying and installing commercial catering equipment.

Caterquip has been in business for over 23 years and have supplied pretty much every type and size of commercial appliance. Our advice is free, impartial and invaluable if you are just setting up your first catering venture, wanting to expand your business or replace a worn out appliance.

Don’t be fearful of second hand equipment. Caterquip has designed, supplied and installed many prestigious client kitchens such as Plymouth Argyles FC stadium production kitchen and Peterborough Showground’s huge Central Production Unit, all with professionally reconditioned appliances and more importantly, with massive savings on capital budgets.

Key to Caterquips service is saving a huge amount of money compared to brand new, whilst buying reliable, fully reconditioned, deep cleaned and tested equipment.



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Owning and running a successful catering business can be very lucrative. However, there are few pitfalls which can catch the uninitiated out and worse still cost a lot of money to rectify.

Lets get going………

Just setting up? 15 Important Questions to ask ahead of getting started.

If you are just starting out we urge you to read this as it will give you all the information and questions to ask your electricians, plumbers and EHO support, and advance your own knowledge and confidence about your business.

Click here….. 15 Important Questions to ask

So you’re going for it? The Tick Box Countdown explained.

Another host of useful support to amplify your knowledge and confidence about unleashing your catering ambitions to your hungry audience.

Click here…..Tick Box Blog

Covering Equipment Basics

A food business isn’t just about cooking and serving, behind this is a need to store chilled, frozen, ambient, fresh fruit & vegetables and wet Stock.

Click here…..Equipment basics 

Commercial Dish Washers. – Lets remove the anguish of dirty dishes.

Click here…..Commercial Dish Washers Explained

This article guides you through the different types of commercial dish washers. You’d think it should be simple but alas, aside from budget, there are a few things to consider before buying. Without doubt, a dish washer is transformative on your business costs and ensures clean and hygienic tableware.

Recycle & Re-Use. Amplifying your green credentials.

Be part of the recycle revolution. Cagterquip is very [proud of its contribution to reduce the burden on global resources. Take a look at this blog to learn a bit more about how.

Click here……Recycle Blog

To Grill, or not to Grill. The different types of commercial grills explained.

There are many types of grills available in a commercial kitchen. We have put together this plain English blog to assist your understanding of what is available and which grill is important for your business.

Cl.ick here….. Grills Blog

Lease Purchasing.

Spread the cost, ease your start-up burden and get your catering business out of the blocks. And its easier than you think to achieve.

Click here……Lease Purchasing explained

Plymouth Argyle Football Club New Kitchen

If proof were needed there is nothing to fear about purchasing single or multiple second hand catering appliances, Plymouth Argyle Football Club needed a new production kitchen but were faced with a staggering cost for all new equipment. Read more about this exciting project.

Click here….. Footie Club Kitchen Project

Commercial Fridges & Freezers explained.

As you would expect, there are many formats of commercial refrigeration available for every type and size of business. All designed to meet UK stringent food safety regulations. Its important to learn why a commercial enterprise should use commercial equipment rather than much cheaper domestic equipment.

Click here…..Commercial Fridges & Freezers explained. 

Considering a Catering Business? Why not go mobile?

Food Trucks are a success phenomenon in the USA, where they enjoy a massive popularity. The UK is now embellishing this popularity on British audiences.

Click here….. Food Truck Heaven Blog

Blast Chillers & Freezers are a crucial addition to many kitchens.

Cooling hot food rapidly is mandatory and a blast chiller will safely and rapidly reduce hot food down to fridge and freezer temperatures .

Click here….Blast Chillers explained.

From This – To This – The tale of the filthy combi oven

How and what Caterquip technicians do to recondition commercial catering equipment.

Click here….The recon process. 

Combi Ovens. The modern day & essential Work Horse in every commercial kitchen.

Not every kitchen requires a combi steam oven. However, at least 95% of UK kitchens will have a combi oven of some description as they have revolutionized modern cooking.

Click here… Combi Ovens and why they are so important. 

Site Surveys.

An essential link in the evolution of your new business.

Click here…..The value of a Site Survey

Clearance Offers – Save even more money!

Caterquip often needs to move ex warehouse stock in their Clearance section. Its worthwhile monitoring our special offers and subscribing to our Earlybird scheme as these can save you a huge amount of money.

Click here….Clearance Blog

How Caterquip turned the dish washer woes around for Rugby Boarding School.

Another sharp reminder as to Caterquips technical ability and how we can provide viable financial cost savings.

Click here…..Rugby School replacement Dish Washer. 

Safety in the workplace.

Underpinning your new business is the health & safety of staff and customers. This blog is designed to promote the need to operate safely, assess risks and gain knowledge on reducing and omitting those risks.

Click here…..Health & Safety in the workplace.

The Catering Industry – Stress and Fulfillment in one job!

Remembering you are you, this information could help you to cope during a busy day, week, month & year in your catering business.

Click here…..Relax, there is a solution to ease those overwhelming days. 

Grow Your Own to reduce costs even more.

As previously mentioned in the Stress and Fulfillment brief, Gardening is very therapeutic, but producing your fruit, vegetables and herbs will save you a lot of money each year.

Click here….Grow Your Own

What is a Bratt Pan?

An amazing bit of kit and every kitchen should have one!!

Click here….. Bratt Pans explained. 

Commercial Induction Cooking

Induction cookers have been available in the commercial sector for over 30 years. Super fast heat up, great cooking control and low risk of fire and injury incidents.

Click here……. Induction Cooking. Its clever technology. 

Chef Knives.

A few hints and tips on the safe use of ultra sharp chef knives.

Click here…….Does a blunt knife cause more injuries than a sharp knife?

Keeping your kitchen equipment regularly serviced.

In short, you look after it, and it, will look after you for years to come. .

Click here……. The importance of Equipment servicing. 



Take a look at our informative videos below, all designed to introduce you to what we do and some of the machines we sell.

FIGHTING COCKS  Horton Kirby, This was a start to finish project, where we supplied the full works.

FALCON Eloma Genius Touch 20 Grid Combi Oven

HOBART Flight Dish Washer System

FOSTER Surf Navigation 11kg Blast Chiller

FOSTER Surf Navigation 31kg Blast Chiller

FALCON Eloma Genius Touch 10 Grid GAs Combi Oven

FALCON Dominator Gas  Bulls Eye Solid Top

WINTERHALTER GS660 Pot Wash Machine

WINTERHALTER GS315  Under Counter Dish  Washer

RATIONAL SCC Combi Oven Demonstration

WINTERHALTER Pass Through Dish Wash System

ANGELO PO Gas Char Grill

COLSTON Regenereation/ Heated Transport Trolley

DELFIELD 4 Door Bench Fridge

FALCON Dominator E2101 Electric Range

HOBART CSD Gas 10 Grid Combi Oven with Stand

VICTOR Table-Top Heated Servery

FALCON EMC Electric 10 Grid Combi Oven

FAEMA X2 Granditalia Bean to Cup Coffee/ Hot Beverage Brewer

ELECTROLUX Wash-Safe B Grade Pass Through Dish Washer

Dominic’s Introduction to Caterquip UK LLP

FAQ. What is B Grade Equipment?

FAQ. Caterquip’s Buying Criterion

FAQ. Kitchen Design & Planning